Training FAQs

Q: What are the trainings being offered?

Ans: Two trainings :

a) Price Action Training + Wave fundamentals , total 8 hours course, Rs 20k  

b) Price Action, total 6 hours, Rs 15k .

Both the trainings are weekend only and split across Saturday and Sundays. Once a person has taken the training he can retake it any number of times in future may be to a) avail updated content b) brush up the contents previously taught c) encourage anti-piracy.
The trainings help one to do better position sizing in the Trading Room. Please find the contents attached.

Contents for Price Action And Elliot Wave Training

Contents for Price Action Training

Payment: please email

Q: Is the Training mandatory for joining the Trading Room?

Ans: No. But it is highly recommended by us to take the training unless you are an expert in Price action already. Because people do make loss even if calls are highly accurate and spot on – due to lack of very basic knowledge. But if you are a pro-trader, you may not need the training.

Q: Does the training make one financially independent?

Ans: No. The training is to assist one to do position sizing extremely well. The folks claiming to give financial independence via their trainings are themselves not financially independent 😉 But we can say joining the Trading Room can give one consistent dividends.

Q: Is it recommended to take both the trainings?

Ans: No. PA+Wave training is a superset of the PA training. If you are an Elliot Wave fan, you should take the PA+ Wave training. Otherwise you can simply take the PA training. And if you are a pro trader, you can directly join the Trading Room. It’s totally upon the self-assessment  of the individual.

Q: How are the trainings delivered?

Ans: Trainings are delivered Online by screen sharing and online voice call. The exact softwares being used change with time, the details of which will be communicated to you before the meeting.



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