Trading Room FAQs


Q: What is the Trading Room service?

Ans: We recently got access to FII/DII intraday data using which our own personal trade’s confidence increases manifold. In the Trading Room we share Elliott wave reversal levels and a Google Sheet with live FII/DII intraday data. We will share one to two trades a day. Since the FII/DII data and wave logic both are not in the public domain, the accuracy of this system is extremely high and can predict trending, sideways markets effortlessly every day. Cost of the Trading Room service is Rs 6k monthly.


Q: Is there a free trial for the Trading Room?

Ans: Free trial started from Feb 15, 2019 for 3 days delivered to around 50 random traders. No calls hit Stop Loss during the trial. But some traders tried to be clever and traded on their own logic in the trial (trying to be experts in 3 days!) for which we can give no assurance. The next trial will start after a month. If you have missed the first trial, please wait for the next one. We will share dates of the trial in the Telegram Privolti channel.


Q: How can we access the FII/DII intraday data?

Ans: It is accessible by joining the Trading Room. We cannot provide more details of the original owners of this data since we are bound by an agreement of confidentiality.

Q: What’s the minimum income expected from the Trading Room?

Ans: These questions are asked by newbies. If the market is continuously flat for a month, there may be no income in that month! – Although no Index in the world has been flat for a whole month – this is just to cite an example. We can at best save ourselves from losing, no one has the capacity to move the market! On the other hand, if the market is trending for all days a month, we may be making huge profits. The idea is not be in a loss on any day. How much profit we will make depends totally upon the market volatility.


Q: How is the Trading Room conducted?

Ans: The Trading Room is conducted in All discussion happens in slack which also has a Mobile app. Upon joining you will get mobile notifications just like Telegram or Whatsapp. We also share the FIIDII Google sheet to all members’ Gmail which contains every minute by minute FIIDII buying selling activity in Nifty and Bank Nifty if any. If we move from slack to any other platform, we will update this FAQ.

Q: Do you share stock related calls or any kind of positional calls in the Trading Room?

Ans: We do not give trade advice (we aren’t SEBI registered) but share our own intraday trades in Nifty or Bank Nifty in the Trading Room. We don’t trade on stocks or keep any positions open overnight. Although we do share Nifty or Bank Nifty positional wave charts from time to time.

Q: Is it required to be a full time trader to avail benefits of the Trading Room?

Ans: It is preferable if one is a full time trader.  But if not, then one’s uninterrupted presence in live market during the time one is going to trade is a necessity.

If your question is unanswered or for payment details, please send an email to

Q: How to combine wave levels and FII DII live data for intraday trading?

Ans: We organised a free webinar on 3 March, 2019 explaining how to combine Wave intraday levels and FII DII live data for intraday trading. Here are the points:

1. Look for cluster of lines in wave chart.
2. Also look for deeper lines. Deeper lines indicate stronger supports/resistances.
3. Look for favorable FII DII activity near those levels (point 1 & 2).
4. Look for gaps in the wave chart since price moves unidirectional in the gap if favorable FII DII activity is there. Means when we find FDII buying on support (or vice versa) and there is a good gap for the next resistance level..then there is a good chance for price to move easily in that price gap
5. Vary your trading quantity based on strong confluence based on above points. Like in cricket, “play according to the merit of the ball/delivery” – merit to be decided based on how strong is the confluence.
6. Unless it’s an event day, FII DIIs won’t be entering fresh positions every 30 mins. So try to catch one strong trade per day. If that doesn’t work then only take the second.
7. The earlier we can identify that strong conviction trade along with favorable FIIDII, the better. Since later part of the day FIIDII fresh activity may be for the next day! Since we are playing intraday, so we need to take an early trade as possible.

This is how a sample wave chart looks: This is the chart shared before market open on Friday 1 Feb, 2019. These types of charts will be shared everyday before market open in the Trading Room for Nifty and Bank Nifty spot.

Nifty Spot Feb 3

*General Guidelines* for above type of charts:

Red/Green – Wave Res/Support
Lime & Blue color – Anti wave (just ignore its name, whatever it means. In short anti wave is derived from wave + astro + probability concept)
Pink – CMP or last traded price
Dotted line – weak res/sup
Clusters of lines close by , especially of different colors indicate stronger reversal zones.
Depth of line : Also indicates strength of sup or res…..SGX or IND50 chart is also sometimes shared – it contains the SGX chart available as the symbol “IND50” in the website Its levels sometimes gives idea about Indian Market possible open – whether the opening is bearish or bullish based upon if Indian market opens near SGX resistance or support.


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